We firmly believe that there is talent and magic everywhere.

We believe that all stories are valuable and deserve to be told.

We believe that audiovisual media can contribute to a fairer, inclusive and sustainable world.

We are passionate about meaning and look beyond ad-hoc solutions.

Our ambition : to advance the human experience, generate social change through powerful and one-of-a-kind content.

We are a hybrid group of storytellers with various experiences and areas of expertise. Our team consists of an international network of experts which we call upon according to the needs of our specific projects. Together production agency, creative studio and strategy advisory firm for the  audiovisual and digital ecosystem.
KOMETOO has set itself the main goal of supporting initiatives that bring new light and effective solutions to the problems of our societies.

Our favorite target is millennials (because we also are).

But don’t worry, we don’t forget anyone!



Series 6 x 52 minutes

Gauthier and some friends are making a living as brokers at a popular Market Called Mokolo, they hardly make 2 dollars per day tough, they must cope with their families and beloved needs, but as they become influencers in the clothing and fashion, decide to launch a brand that the early sin is to want to challenge Nike in Africa.


Series 6 x 52 minutes

Africa is currently going through an unprecedented educational crisis. Despite the centuries-old downgrading of women and girls in different countries on the continent, a cathodic tidal wave will soon sweep everything in its path in favor of a drastic change of mentality. To be continued…


It was initially an initiative carried out as part of the filming of a pilot for a Cameroonian series whose main protagonists were actors cast in the mazes of the Mokolo market and in the city of Yaoundé (Cameroon). It was in January 2019 that this initiative was formalized into an association.

Today, KOMETOO WORK conducts its activities through the cultural component which consists of identifying, coaching and training young talents in acting with a view to include them in local film productions. This program of our association is called "YAOUNDÉ TALENTS", and we hope to deploy this inclusive model in all the cities in which we will have a shoot to set up.